Saturday, July 07, 2012

I Don't usually agree with Dan Gardner...

but I agree with this. Centuries of history should count for something BY DAN GARDNER, THE OTTAWA CITIZEN JULY 4, 2012 A few years ago, in a dusty little Ottawa Valley antique store, I found a portrait of the Queen dating from the coronation. The frame was handmade from rough-hewed cedar planks. The portrait was newsprint — a page taken from the Toronto Star of June 2, 1952. Of course I don’t know who made this little icon but there’s a good chance it was a farmer, or at least someone who had more skill in his hands than money in his pocket. I can see him carefully folding the page to size, cutting the cedar, staining the wood, nailing the pieces together. He hangs the portrait of the beautiful young Queen on the wall and smiles. He is satisfied with his work. And satisfied that the order he has always known, that his parents knew, and grandparents, will continue, with a new monarch as its symbolic head. Read more:

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