Monday, July 02, 2012

grits defend the useless corrupt UN

Even the grits admit the UN is often wrong, but they think it can be reformed. I don't think it can be reformed. We need to leave the UN and be more involved with NATO and the Commonwealth.

OTTAWA — Conservative backbench MP Larry Miller was already upset when a high-ranking United Nations food official recently came to Canada and harangued Canadians over their “self-righteous” attitude. But when, soon after, a UN committee blasted the federal government’s policy of deporting alleged war criminals, Miller decided “it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.” His subsequent call for the Conservative government to review this country’s membership in the UN sparked an instant reaction, with some wondering aloud whether Canada would be better off leaving the world organization altogether. So, would it? . In Conservative circles especially, Canada’s failure to obtain a seat on the UN Security Council in 2010 — some argued it was in part because of the federal government’s support for Israel — reaffirmed a belief that the world body was being used to undermine the values and principles this country holds dear.

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Anonymous said...

Leaving the U.N.?
It would be in my opinion just like turning off the CBC and CTV "news".
All they do at the U.N. and at the CBC and CTV is present a world view of a planet that only exists in their imaginations.
It would have no practical effect whatsoever.
The UN is absoutely corrupt, drunk on power and money and attempting to get more.
Any situation they are involved with from Rawanda to Gaza to Haiti is never resolved.
If they come to your country to "Help" you are doomed. IMO
In CTV and CBC pretend world the UN is important, as is the global warming scam and all other progressive fantasys.
Cheers Bubba

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