Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Grit candidates lose in court

So I wonder what elections Canada will do. They are probably too busy persecuting Tories.
OTTAWA — A top Ontario court has turned down three failed Liberal leadership candidates in their request for an extension to pay their 2006 campaign expenses. Hedy Fry, Martha Hall Findlay and Joe Volpe are still tens of thousands of dollars in debt as a result of their campaigns to lead the Liberal party, and asked for more time to pay. But an Ontario Superior Court justice says they’re not allowed any more extensions to come up with the cash. Elections Canada says its commissioner will have to decide what steps to take next. Failure to pay can bring a fine of $1,000 or up to three months in jail, but Hall Findlay says she believes she can work out a compromise with Elections Canada.


Archie said...

Knowing Election Canada they'll take a couple of years to make a decision

Jen said...

And not onling that Archie, every media including the SNN are NOT NOT saying a word about it.
Conservatives mps and you me and all those who are conservatives seem to be the only name that is on the media mouths.

If you do anything wrong found to guilty of sorts on minor issues and you a conservatives you would sooner be in the media forfront than the libs and ndp. which tells us all that the media WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH CONSERVATIVES OF ANY KIND RUNNING HIS COUNTRY.

Dr. Roy, Duceppe who wanted to break up the country earns money money a year in retire than Oda in one year yet the media hammers on Oda constantly. Whose next to bring down.

In my opinion, I watching how the media is showing devotion to the break up of canada by the NDP, to leave this country.
At no time will I leave my money in the Canadian Bank where Socialist Marxists of the NDP can get hold of it to have it redistributed to their friends.

If the stupid canadian medias want to experience the joy of socialist-marxists that is their own doing but to 'DRAG' the NATION down with them is where I hate them the most.

Anonymous said...

All it means is that the liberals running Elections Canada are in the Justin Trudeau camp and don't want Martha Hall-Findlay running in the next liberal leadership race...


Anonymous said...

I love how the left is all for pensions, especially fat public service union pensions, UNLESS the recipient happens to be a conservative...Then, the Red Star/Glob and Pail are all apoplectic about how the conservative in question doesnt deserve this money and shouldnt receive it... I wonder how much John Cretien/Paul Martin recieves per year, even though they both were involved in major (million dollar) scandals and were never properly investigated or made to pay back one red cent...

OMMAG said...

I thought the post was right on the money. You could write volumes on how Elections has been a tool for the left in Canada. I'd like to see just how prof Dion paid back HIS election finances.

As for those who seem surprised by the media. I can only ask ... where the heck have you all been for the last 40 years?

I Support Lord Black