Friday, July 06, 2012

Ezra Levant on the leftist msm

You gotta love Ezra. So a leftist "journalist" is defecting to cuba. Perhaps the rest of the trudeau family and the media party could join him. Only in cuba is there true democracy.


Anonymous said...

Love Ezra? No thanks. Was there ever a more self centred prick on this earth? Says quite a lot about you Roy, that you worship this fool.

You know that he mocks you behind your back, right?

john said...

LOL! Anon the dickwad tries to stir up sh** by spreading gossip.

Well, gossip that *HE* makes up of course:D

"You know that he mocks you behind your back, right?"

Suuuurrrre he does dickwad:D Suuuuurrrree he does.

Sean M said...

Well, I can't say I'm surprised that Wicary the commie is going to "live" in what I'm sure he considers commie heaven. The guy is obviously a POS, and I'm also sure no one will miss him, except maybe his comrades in the Media Party! Hopefully Wicary the commie will soon be joined by the other over flowing commies that make up our MSM. We should have a bet as to when this fraud artist will return, cause as we all know Canadian commies like Wicary are never happy, they just prefer everyone else be forced to share in the misery. Cuba probably won't be oppressive enough for this dipshit and unfortunately he'll come back. See you later asshole, Canada is a lot better off without you... now if Wicary can just persuade his fellow media commies to go with him then we'd really have something to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the "lefties" are getting a little "anxious" about Ezra exposing some of their hypocrisy. Love Ezra too - wouldn't miss him!!

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