Sunday, July 01, 2012

Even Jeffy understands, kind of

Jeffy understands that his grit and leftist friends use the US as the great bogey man. The left in Canada sees our under performing healthcare system as some kind of religion. We need to rethink our system. We should look at best practices and that includes allowing private care. No Canadian political actor – right, left or centre on the spectrum – has ever urged that Canada adopt the U.S. system. Why would Canada do so? The U.S. spends roughly half again as much of its national wealth on health care as Canada – almost 18 per cent of GNP compared to 11.7 per cent for Canada – but does not have better aggregate health-care outcomes. And yet, for those who cannot bear criticism of Canada’s national icon, scaring people about the U.S. system has proven a handy rhetorical trick. Just you wait, they say. The proponents of U.S.-style health care in Canada lurk under every table and around every corner just waiting to pounce. If Canadians change this or that, or if we even consider delivering health care differently, we would be on the slippery slope toward a “two-tier” U.S. system of medicine where, as former prime minister Jean Chr├ętien once quipped, “they check your wallet before your pulse.”

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