Monday, July 02, 2012

decriminalizing marijuana

I tend to agree that marijuana should be decriminalized. I am still nunsure about outright legalization. I am still pretty opposed to legalization of hard drugs. As I have said many times the Portuguese modelis probably a good one to emulate.

OTTAWA — Two-thirds of Canadians think the law should be changed so that people caught with small amounts of marijuana no longer face criminal penalties or fines, a new poll has found. The nationwide survey for Postmedia News and Global TV, which examined the state of Canadian values, revealed that the public is distinctly offside with the Harper government on the issue. Earlier this spring, Prime Minister Stephen Harper attended a summit of leaders from the Americas, where some called for a major review of the so-called “war on drugs,” and perhaps even the decriminalization of some drug use. Also this year, Liberals at a policy conference passed a resolution endorsing the legalization of marijuana.


Anonymous said...

Well why the heck not! I mean we got abortion and selective abortion killing girls, gay marriage, we support terrorists in Canada know as the khaddar family and many others, we allow text books in schools that support jihad, we allow Muslim prayer in public schools while banning anything Christian, we have an excellent affirmative action program under section 15 of the charter, we allow Indian Sikhs to carry weapons to schools called kirpans, we have a justice system that gives preference to criminals and rebukes the rights of victims. So why the heck not legalize pot and let all the liberals smoke themselves into a stupor. Oh yeah we got a free health care system after they induce all the chemicals.

Anonymous said...

The details are too vague to know precisely why the Portuguese model is working.(If it is in fact working)

The first point I'd make is that they are treating addiction as a health issue;It is in part, of course. How much does this cost? Can our provinces afford it? Would we have to also copy the Portuguese style of health care?

Does Portugal have to deal with quickly evolving new drugs? Crystal Meth is a devastating drug.How can a society legalize such a drug knowing that within a year irreparable damage can be done even if the user eventually gets "clean". What will the next new drug look like? We don't know.

I would bet that our geography makes the Portuguese impractical. We don not live in a vacuum. Like it or not the U.S. influences what we do practically. A change in drug laws would invite smugglers to set up shop here and take their product to the US. More weapons would be a result for sure.

Even illegal cigarettes are traded for weapons today and our gov't cannot control it.

This is a complex subject that deserves more scrutiny than just a bunch of politicians blathering on in the campaign trail.

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