Thursday, July 05, 2012

Coyne on separation

A great piece by Andrew Coyne. Explaining the obvious. The many years of the Quebec knife at throat of Canada has exhausted a lot of the good will in Canada towards this province. I have separatist friends who tell me QUebec will never keave even if Canada pushed it out. Quebec would hang on for dear life. Andrew Coyne: Separation no simple thing     BY ANDREW COYNE, POSTMEDIA NEWS JULY 4, 2012     Andrew Coyne Just in time to celebrate the national holiday a Postmedia/Ipsos Reid poll arrives with news that one-in-two Canadians couldn’t care less if the country breaks apart. I don’t actually think that’s true. When 47 per cent of Canadians – 49 per cent of those outside Quebec – tell the pollster they “don’t really care” if Quebec separates, I think they are speaking in code. I think what they mean is they are unwilling to rush about making burnt offerings to the province in hopes of dissuading it. Still, it was enough to feed an emerging media narrative: the PQ are about to take power, another referendum is inevitable, and the country is not “ready.” Worse, with both the federal and provincial governments in bad odour in the province, there is no one to “speak for Canada,” no one to lead the traditional chorus of “please forgive us, we’ll try to do better.” The country is “sleepwalking into a perfect storm,” the political scientist Donald Savoie writes, hetero-metaphorically. Others are more laconic. “A turning point may have been reached that makes the uncoupling inevitable,” writes the National Post’s John Ivison. “It’s possible the next referendum battle won’t be in Quebec (but) in English Canada,” writes my Postmedia colleague Michael Den Tandt, who interprets the poll’s message as “don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” Which is no bad thing, in game theory terms. It might deter soft-nationalist Quebecers from voting Yes strategically, in hopes of a “better deal.”


Frances said...

Something else, Dr Roy: a lot of Canadians are saying something to the effect of "Let them go, but only with the land they brought into the original agreement." In other words, the vast northern areas that were once the eastern part of the Hudson Bay territory called Rupert's Land, doesn't go with Quebec. It was once English-speaking, anyway, before control was ceded to Quebec.

Anonymous said...

Exactly Frances, They would be a uprising amongst the Northern Cree.
Quebec has gotten away with gaming the ROC of Canada long enough.
Majority Government can be formed in Canada without a single Quebec seat.

melvin said...

Well, the problem I have is that my wife is from Montreal and we have a lot of family who live all over Quebec. But, I really don't care any longer if Quebec stays or goes.
I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired about clowns like chretien, bouchard,charest and now Mulcair.
If Quebec wants that kind of leader then please go and take your dangerous leaders along for the ride.

Sean M said...

Unfortunately, there is no threat of Quebec separation, and IMO, there never was. Tribal bluster, blackmail, and an excuse to distort and destroy. Whether it was changing the flag (weak kneed idiocy) or forcing french as an "Official language" ... all were imposed under a sense of manufactured "crisis". Enough already! IMO, Canadians outside of tribal Quebec have seen through the charade and won't be fooled again. Carving up that Province would be the best thing that ever happened to Canada! The British should have listened to Lord Durham and all this tribal BS could have, and should have been avoided.

oxygentax said...

I'm a little confused by Mr. Coyne's assertion that there is nobody to speak for the rest of Canada. 2/3rds of the Ridings outside of Quebec are held by Conservatives. I would suggest that the Conservatives would speak for the rest of Canada quite nicely.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid with another referendum we might have a separate Quebec by accident. A bit like the student votes lately here, not a lot of people turned up to vote (of course this was partly because some of the votes took many hours and students who lived at a distance didn't come in after several votes were held). Also more anglos have left Quebec and older voters are expiring. The media is just as biased for the P.Q. as we can see by a Radio Canada reporter running for the P.Q. in the next election.

Anonymous said...

I am completely uninterested in what Andrew Coyne thinks (about anything). The internet has made political opinion easy to come by. There is no reason to pay special attention to his opinion. Besides as a member of the mainstream media his stand on any given issue is completely predictable anyway.

Nor am I interested in what some dusty air-headed political scientist who has been locked in academia for his entire life.

Regarding Quebec's separatism? Everyone I've met from that asshole province has had an insufferable sense of superiority and entitlement.

I hope the PQ wins in the next election. It is time to give Quebec the boot.

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