Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Bev Oda

I have met HM Minister Oda a few times and she always struck me as a charming bright lady. I think she has done many good things with her portfolio , but she was not aware enough of political optics. This article has it kind of right. I wish Bev Oda well. I hope HM Pm Harper will appoint Chris Alexaander as her replacement.


E Mac said...

I'm hoping Lisa Raitt - She is a no-nonsense player.
Not easily intimidated and gets the job done.

Jen said...

Why bother to appoint anyone, the cpc are not wanted in government so who cares.
You see Dr. Roy, no matter who the cpc appoint, another cpc mp will be called upon by the opposition to resign, step down and the media will re-echo the opposition wishes.

The media prefer the NDP and the destruction of canada to having a conservative in gov.

Anonymous said...

I agree Bev Oda was more concerned with doing her job than focusing on trivalities that are oh so dear to the media.
At least where a Conservative is concerned.
Why bother Jen?
Cause it's important what is happening.
We won!
We are moving forward in spite of all the bitchy Media and wanna be posers that are the opposition.
They can howl all they want, we still won.
Their numbers got a little bounce with Tommy Muclair, then they let him start talking.
What a disaster he would be.
Voodoo economics with a dash of blatant stupidity and a pinch of arrogance.
Cheers Bubba