Thursday, June 07, 2012

Whacky Toronto

Apparently plastic bags are to be banned in Toronto. How is this actually constitutional. Toronto has become truly whacky. They will need an army to enforce this silliness. Toronto has become the first major city in Canada to ban retailers from offering plastic shopping bags, as of Jan. 1, 2013, following a council decision that also scraps the 6¢ bag fee. The surprise bag ban — made Wednesday without study or consultation — was immediately heralded by environmentalists and derided by Mayor Rob Ford, who said it opened the city up to potential lawsuits. “It’s the end of the plastic bag and it’s the end of [retailers] making $5-million a year on the poor shoppers,” said Councillor David Shiner, who lamented that an environmental initiative to charge for plastic bags had become a money-maker for companies. “It’s time they give us a free alternative to take our groceries home.”


Frances said...

Actually, this is a seriously environmentally unfriendly move. Shoppers will now be buying the heavier plastic garbage bags instead of re-using their grocery bags. Also, the 'reusable' bags have to be washed very regularly (some 'experts' advise so doing after every use) or they become dangerously contaminated; this, of course, has an environmental cost with more detergent, water, and drying.

Anonymous said...

Frances? Washing your reusable bags is somehow a big deal? How many do you have? Throw them in with the regular wash!!

Paper bags can be recycled and are biodegradable!

I've never read a weaker argument.

Kunoichi said...

Most of the reusable bags sold cannot be washed - they just fall apart. Mind you, they often fall apart anyhow; even the stronger, more expensive ones. The type of "fabric" they are made of, using recycled plastics, tears very easily. Others are still plastic bags, just made differently. I've got two canvas bags that can actually be washed, and those were freebies from a conference my MIL worked at.

In the end, we often leave the reuseable bags at home. We've got two cats and, for the amount of shopping we do, we quickly run out of the grocery bags we use when cleaning their litter. Without those, we'd have to buy garbage bags.

The funniest thing I ever saw was when my family decided to check out a local nature reserve on a day that just happened to have a number of environmentally themed events. They were giving out free goodies (pamphlets, maps of bike trails, stickers...) in cloth bags. When we got home, I took the stuff out and noticed label inside. It read "made in China" and "do not wash."


Anonymous said...

So the progressives want me to put my plastic bags of milk .plastic bottles of pop,plastic cartons of eggs,plastic covered blocks of cheese,plastic bags of vegetables,plastic covered microwavable bags of various foodstuffs and other assorted goodies wrapped in plastic into paper bags?
Will the tree huggers be far behind demanding an alternative?
Not since Walter Brooke whispered “plastics” into Dustin Hoffman’s ear has this much attention been paid to such a non isuue.


Anonymous said...

"such a non isuue."

It costs the city of Toronto $300,000/year to deal with single use plastic bags.

Plastic bags are a true menace to our ecosystems and our waste diversion goals. Barely recyclable, almost all of the plastic bags used in the city are discarded. Once discarded, they either enter our landfills or our marine ecosystem.
People think of plastic bags as being free. Instead, they actually cost taxpayers every year.

Does my desire to keep the planet livable for my grandchildren make me a "progressive"? Why do you hate clean cities?

GRM said...

Yesterdays "we must save trees and go from paper to plastic" mantra is now "we must save the land fill and go from plastic to paper". Let's face it Progressives pretty much just love to ban something.
Personally we quit using plastic bags years ago, all by ourselves without interference from the Govt. Most people I know recycle their plastic grocery bags by using them to put trash in.

Anonymous said...

Many of the so-called re-usable bags are made in China and use toxic dies that contain heavy metals -- do you want to carry your food in that?

I don't. Write your Councillor and cc the mayor.

Also this by-law opens the city to legal liability -- thus the city will be stuck with the tab -- make the councillors with the bright ideas pay for defending their actions out of their own pockets instead of sticking it to the taxpayer.

Alternative is to shop outside the borders of the city.

Gerry from GTA

Anonymous said...

Paper bags are made from recycled paper products. Single use plastic bags are not.

Anonymous said...

So..when i buy my next pet fish..will they have to put it in a box and say "run home as fast as you can!"? So foolish and short sighted.

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