Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Teacher Unions

I have a good friend who is a retired school principal. She has told me many times how hard it is to get rid of a bad teacher. Teacher unions are an impediment to good eduction. Here is Margaret Wente's take. Last year a Toronto Star investigation unearthed numerous examples of teachers you wouldn’t want anywhere near your kid. One high-school teacher reportedly made lecherous remarks to his female students, drank with students at parties, swore constantly in class, slapped the girls on their buttocks and showered with the boys. Although he was eventually fired by the school board, he remained a teacher in good standing with the provincial licensing body, the Ontario College of Teachers. Its disciplinary arm meted out a one-month suspension and told him to take a course on “boundary issues.” Because he was “on the low end of the spectrum” of problem teachers, his name was never published. Bad teachers are well defended by their unions, which makes it so hard to get rid of them that powerless school administrators generally give up. Instead, they try to get the bad eggs to move on – a process widely known as “passing the trash.” The regulators are captives of the unions, too. The OCT is dominated by former union executives who caucus together before meetings to hammer out the party line. In theory, their job is to serve the public. In reality, they serve their own.


Anonymous said...

Years ago my ex-mother-in-law who was a teacher before unions were in place for teachers predicted that the unions would drag down the profession. My ex-husband and I thought that was silly and were much in favour of the unions. Years later, I see that my mother-in-law was exactly right. Unions do undermine professionalism in almost any context.

Mark said...

Oh wow, I've never thought that a teacher's union could cause this type of negative effect. This surprises me that the issue can range from any grade levels.

melvin said...

About three years ago I wrote a column about the teachers Union in B.C. During my research I interviewed many current teachers and a few retired teachers. I asked the retired teachers if they had heard of or known about any colleague who was terminated for incapacity or incompetence. the shocking answer was "none". They believed their union protected them all regardless of ability. That sums up it all.

Anonymous said...

It is difficult to get a school administrator and or his or her lawyer to understand something when his or her salary depends upon them not understanding it. Denial or Public Relations promotion avoids the truth all the time. The Judge may know lots about the law, but he knows nothing about justice. A sex offender can now get reinstated after five years by simply applying to have a hearing and get his buddies to send letters of support...his wife, his Mommy, his Aunt Bee Bee who is married to the Director of Education... his Roman Catholic Priest...his or her buddies in the Board Office.... Then the poor victims have to relive the entire hell again as they read about it in the paper or has their children attend the school where their rapist is now teaching.... . The College of Teachers is hated by teachers.... less then 4% voted in their stupid elections. The Judge didn't use the experience from one single victim, not one...but he used hundreds of employees to write his report.... Basically, his report is a make work project for Lawyers! Shame on the Government for allowing this to go on and on.... The Unions have so much power to shut up their members only one in the entire province spoke up about the abuse and was forced out of teaching then the Porn Writer Jacque Tremblay had him suspended from teaching... We live in very sick times when children have fewer rights then convicted sex offenders like the ones still abusing children. What do you call a judge who follows the letter of the law and falls short of following justice.... $500,000 richer? Much tax free since he has to pay for his office and secretaries from the money… Shame on the teachers Unions like the Ontario Secondary Teachers Federation, Catholic Teachers Federation, Elementary Teachers Federations and the French tiny Minority Teachers lead by Jacque Tremblay who help make this all happen. Has Tremblay lost his Teachers Certificate after being found out for writing Teen Porn for Teens and their Parents. Not in this life time when a Judge Gets paid $500,000 for rationalizing the sick Ontario College of Teachers administrators and beneficiaries like their lawyers and investigators who don't even leave their office to investigate.... Shame on all of them!

Anonymous said...

The OCT Blackballs Jim Black
And Justice Is Not Served. The Man Is A Hero

[ ED NOTE: Mbrandon8026 from the Freedom Through Truth blog was kind enough to let me cross-post this article from his site. You can read the original here. ]

So, when I wrote about a little silly decision from the Ontario College of Teacher Disciplinary Tribunal recently, I didn’t think too much of it. I didn’t imagine that they were really a corrupt body that was self serving and hit with the “Power Corrupts” bug. Well, I was wrong.

Take the case of Jim Black for example.

Here’s what the record of James Arthur Black says on the Ontario College of Teachers website:

On October 23, 2008, member found guilty of professional misconduct. On July 27, 2009, Certificate of qualification and registration suspended for twenty four months. Reprimand. Member to pay fine of $1000. Publication in Professionally Speaking.

Isn’t that good? They are policing their own and got a bad one, so they nicked him.

Well, not so fast there, gentle readers.

Jim Black is one of the good guys. Impossible you say. Read on.

Here is a little about Jim Black from the Canadian For Accountability web site:

A retired Ontario teacher with 30 years of experience, he appears to have an excellent reputation amongst his peers: in 2002 he was nominated for the Prime Minister’s Award in teaching and he served on the Ontario College of Teachers Council from 2002-2003. We evaluated his situation and determined that he fit the criteria of a whistleblower in difficulty.


One Person said...

This is a chance to help fix Ontario Schools!!!!
It is time to make them accountable to all people.
Phone your MPPs office.
Talk to any and all groups that may help put pressure on any and all Members of Provincial Parliament... of all political parties....
Make a phone call...demand they go on Record to support this bill..... DO IT NOW! We may not have another chance in a long time....
Bill 112, Ombudsman Amendment Act (School Boards), 2012 June 12, 2012

I Support Lord Black