Thursday, June 07, 2012

Repeal section 13a.

I would prefer that human rights commissions be done away with entirely. The hate speech provision of the HRC act is particularly odious and I am glad is on its way to oblivion. It is a beginning. Good for Brian Storseth for proposing the bill!!! Too bad the vote was not unanimous. I guess the dippers and grits don't believe in free speech. OTTAWA — The federal Conservatives voted late Wednesday to repeal controversial sections of the Canadian Human Rights Act that ban hate speech over the telephone or Internet. In a free vote of 153 to 136, the Tory caucus supported a private member's bill from Alberta Conservative MP Brian Storseth that would scrap Section 13 of the human rights code, which deals with complaints regarding "the communication of hate messages by telephone or on the Internet." Storseth argues the current human rights code fails to protect freedom of speech, which is guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and believes Canadians are better off if the government repeals sections 13 and 54 — the latter section dealing with associated penalties. "At every stage, the Conservative caucus has voted for it," Storseth, a backbencher, said Wednesday in an interview before the vote on third and final reading in the House of Commons.


Alain said...

I agree that the HRCs should be done away with entirely, as they are a national embarrassment. The opponents of eliminating Section 13a of the HR Act believe in free speech for themselves but not for others. Free speech however does not work that way.

Anonymous said...

Finally something actually Conservative outta this government…..besides the Wheatboard and Long gun thing which frankly doesn’t mean much… but this here, yehaww… soon as it’s repealed I’m giving someone a piece of my right wing mind, and I may even say something about Muhammad as well, just for spite!

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