Thursday, June 14, 2012

Reasons to privatize the CBC?

An interesting article on why to rid ourselves of the CBC. What are your reasons. I think the CBC is a waste of money and very biased against conservatives. The idea of Stromboli being a news anchor is also nauseating.
QUEBEC – In an era of austerity and budget cuts, Canadians are going to have to make some painful decisions about how our government spends, especially for expenses made in the name of national identity and culture. The CBC was created as a national radio-broadcasting system in the 1930s, and has since developed into a media empire in its own right. With operating costs heavily subsidized by taxpayers, and in the age of the internet and subsequent changing media consumption, what is the point of having a national broadcaster? Do we really need the CBC any more? Here are six reasons why the CBC is irrelevant.


Anonymous said...

OMG -- Stroumboulopoulos as anchor -- please say that is not so -- he ain't the brightest light on the block.

It is bad enough with suzuki and solomon and other lefty socialist types.

It has bad enough that CTV is now CBC 2 with Scot Reid and crowd.

Gerry from GTA

Anonymous said...

I stopped listening to CBC radio in the morning a while ago. Who wants to greet a new day with the CBC news announcing 'Another suicide bomber blew up a peaceful market, killing x number of innocent people.' For crying out loud, a few weeks ago they played the dying screams of a vagrant calling out for his mother as he was being beaten to death. And don't get me going about the CBC's support for David Suzuki and his views. I want my money back.

I Support Lord Black