Friday, June 29, 2012

Really Ethical Oil

Father De Souza talks about the Oil Sands. Privately developed projects that are trying hard to look after the environment. As Thomas Mulcair can attest, it is rather easier to speak about the oil sands than it is to actually get up here and see what is going on. Fort McMurray, Alta. is remote, and while my first visit was rather longer than Mr. Mulcair’s, it was still only a full day. Three years ago, upon the occasion of the merger of oil sands pioneer Suncor with Petro-Canada, this column examined some of the ethical questions posed by oil sands development. The argument then was just emerging about “ethical oil,” namely that Alberta oil is morally and strategically superior because it does not support odious regimes, from Venezuela to Saudi Arabia to Russia. The argument has only become stronger since then, propelled by Ezra Levant’s eponymous book, and adopted in the rhetoric of the federal government. The argument is actually stronger than comparative politics, with “democratic” oil trumping “tyrannical” oil. Only some 25% of the world’s oil reserves are developed by private companies; the vast majority are state enterprises. Of that quarter of global reserves, half are in the oil sands.


Alex said...

I like that Father De Sousa. Here is a homily I could enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Muclair will do to the oil sands when he is PM? I mean I know that I’ll never vote NDP but there sure as hell a lot of those types out east that want a free Obama ride know what I mean?

I’d like to think he needs the tax revenue but he’ll probably regulate the shit outta the sands thus forcing companies to close their doors. I guess Muclair will just have to print more money then. After all he’s bitching so much about the inflated dollar. If he just keeps printing more currency I guess the value of it will go down and then whinny Quebec and Ontario can have back their union jobs in manufacturing.

Alan Montgomery said...

Just yesterday RIM announced a 5,000 person layoff. It is because RIM has failed to keep its products up to market standards and relevance. Blaming the high dollar is just a simplistic answer that suits his political purpose.

Quebec and Ontario are full of natural resources. In the Canadian shield (Quebec and Ontario)are major reserves of nickel and gold. When they are exploited nobody worries about the value of the Canadian dollar.

Mulcair has no chance at Alberta seats. Wooing Alberta voters is not in his strategy. Unions, separatists and urban gun-hating Christophobes are his biggest market.

Alan Montgomery
Arnprior Ontario

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