Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nicky Larkin in Montreal

Fred and Nicky

big crowds

Fred Litwin and Rabbi Moshe

I went to see Nicky Larkin an Irish film maker who made a very interesting journey both in mind and body. He went to Israel to make an anti israeli documentary and he changed his mind and now says he is a Zionist. He wrote an article about his journey in the Irish Times.Apparently the Irish, like unfortunately many in the UK are very anti Israel. Nicky is changing that slowly. Fred Litwin was sent the article and decided to bring Nicky here as a Free Thinking Film Festival Event. There was the event in Montreal last night and there will be an event at 19:30 at 15 Hove Stree in Toronto tonight ( Montreal and Toronto events co sponsored by Free Thinking Films and B'Nai Brith). The movie is very arty, but quite balanced. The sound was not great, but we were not in a movie theater. I am not sure I enjoyed the film , but I did find it thought provoking. There was a question and answer period after the film and there were mixed opinions about the film. Some liked it, some thought it not pro Israel enough.  I respect the work of this youngt Irish film maker. He is an ally and Israel can use all the allies it can get. The event took place at the Chabad of the Town.

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