Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Neil Reynolds on Gov Walker

An excellent piece on how public sector unions are destroying themselves and our economies. Wisconsin was the first of the states, in 1959, to guarantee collective bargaining for public-sector workers. In granting workers the right to join closed-shop unions, the state essentially surrendered its right (or its ability) to manage its own tasks. Perceptive people – among them, Nobel laureate economist Friedrich von Hayek – could already anticipate the consequences. Once unions acquire special privileges, Hayek wrote in the following year’s The Constitution of Liberty, these privileges become the law of the land – “and can be removed only by special legislation.” Fifty years later, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker proved Hayek right. With the Republican Governor’s decisive victory in last week’s Democrat-driven recall election, Wisconsin can now proceed to manage its own affairs again. Although Mr. Walker is best known for the limits he imposed on the state’s public-sector unions, his labour reforms were, in fact, a full-scale purge of the “special privileges” these workers had come to possess

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TomH said...

We need Right to Work legislation in Canada also. Ban mandatory union membership, ensure full annual financial disclosure for all unions and forbid Union sourced funding in both federal and provincial elections.

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