Sunday, June 24, 2012

Muslims : For Queen and Country

I know that many Muskims utterly reject the Islamist jihadi philosophy. I have Muslim friends like Salim Mansur, Tarek Fatah , Raheel Raza and many other friends who understand the blessings of freedom and peace. This community in the United Kingdom are to be congratulated. The Ahmadinejad Muslim community in The UK have publicly announced their loyalty to Queen and country. Organizations like cair and all immigrants to the west, should learn from them.


billydunn said...
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billydunn said...

The Muslims you mentioned who oppose violence are clearly a minority in Canada. The rest of the Muslims hate the ones you mentioned, hate Canada, hate Christianity and hate Jews. Everyday when you turn on the news you will hear something about a Muslim killing someone or blowing something up in the name of Allah and Muhammad. Some day Canada will be forced to got to war against Islam and all of the Muslim immigrants in Canada will out right refuse to join the army and defend our nation. Why? Because our laws in Canada allow Muslims to hate us and force us to appease their demands in the name of equality.

I’m sure I’ll receive death threats now just like the many others who have spoken out against Islam!

Peace be upon you!

billydunn said...

I deleted a previous comment because I’m not a 100% sure if the Cons officially got rid of section 13 the of Muslims Rights Commission. You gotta be safe. Can’t get sued or worse get Doc Roy in the glue!

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