Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Melanie Phillips in Montreal

Prof Fredrick Krantz

Israeli Consul General Joel Lion

Baruch Cohen

Ambassador Ron Prosor

Melanie Phillips   Barbara Kay

I had the pleasure of attending the 24 annual CIJR gala.CIJR works hard to fight anti semitism and attacks on Israel, especially on UNiversity campuses. The speakers were Melanie Phillips ( introduced by Barbara Kay) and Israeli Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosser. Melanie Phillips speech was quite dire , but she said there is still hope for Britain after watching the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. She spoke extensively about the loss of rationality in the West and the decline of Europe.
 Ambassador Prosor gave an excellent speech. He should speak more often at University campuses in North America, as he was doing in the UYK. He has no problem taking on the enemies of Israel and the Jewish People. It was a great evening.


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