Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I actually agree with Larry

I think Le petit foul mouthed dauphin is a great choice ... For the Tories. Mr. Trudeau is tantalizing, but whether he is galvanizing is another question. His entry in the race would set fire to Canadian politics. It would bring forward new forces. It would, given Pierre Trudeau’s legacy, polarize the debate even more so than it is already polarized. It would scare New Democrats, especially given Mr. Trudeau’s Quebec base. It would vault the Liberal contest into prime time for a year to come. And here’s another thing. It would be a welcome development for the Harper Conservatives. Their interest is in keeping the progressive side of the political spectrum as divided as possible. Justin Trudeau is their best hope of doing that. In hoisting Liberal fortunes, he could generate an even split in support between Grits and New Democrats. His entry would rouse the Conservative base like it has rarely been roused before. Right-siders go into spasms at the mention of the Trudeau name. Their attitude was on display when Justin won the charity boxing match. Nah, they whined, it didn’t take much courage to do it – as if Justin being splattered all over the ring wouldn’t have been a brutal humiliation for the Trudeau name. No, it didn’t show he was as much the father’s son as the mother’s. Nah, it wasn’t a defining moment, as if the man-in-the-ring photo wouldn’t accompany Trudeau media clips by the score.


Anonymous said...

This would be true if Justin Trudeau wasn't a joke among French Quebecers.

Sean M said...

Desperation, delusional... What does it say about a political party that lays it's future prospects at the feet of the son of the very man that is largely, if not entirely responsible for their ever decreasing relevance and influence. Why don't they just change the name from "Liberal" to the "Trudeau Party"? Pathetic! The "Liberal" party seems to believe that they are here to preserve the Trudopian State, a State that imposes a collective historical amnesia. "LIberals" just can't seem to understand that it's not 1968 anymore.

Thucydides said...

I once had the misfortune of sitting through a speech by the young Dauphin. He is a boring presenter in person, and his speech was a rehash of poorly articulated socialist drivel that would be right at home with the "Waffle" faction of the NDP circa 1968.

Yes, the media can dress him up and the Party can carefully control most of his public persona, but when he opens his mouth; look out!

Thinking he should become a CEO if he wasn't in politics, suggesting he would support separatism because he doesn't like the current government, foul mouthed tirades...yes, the LPC realy should jump at the chance to get this guy.

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