Tuesday, June 26, 2012

HM the Queen meets a terrorist

our Sovereign Lady is a far better Christian than I. She will shake the hand of a man whose organization murdered her uncle, Lord Mountbateen and many of her subjects. HM is in Eniskillen today, a city where an ira atrocity occurred. I commend HM for this act of reconciliation. I hope there is a lot of security around when HM meets the terrorist. The Queen has been greeted by cheering crowds in Enniskillen at the start of a historic two-day Diamond Jubilee tour of Northern Ireland which will also include a meeting with former IRA commander Martin McGuinness. The Queen is expected to shake hands tomorrow with the Stormont deputy first minister in a gesture which will herald another milestone in Anglo-Irish relations following the monarch's first visit to the Republic of Ireland last year. Like previous royal visits to Northern Ireland very few details about the itinerary have been officially released due to security concerns. But for the first time in more than 40 years, the public was told in advance which towns the Queen would be visiting, meaning flag-waving crowds were lining the streets to welcome her. Although her meeting with Mr McGuinness, who was a senior member of the IRA when it murderered the Duke of Edinburgh's uncle Earl Mountbatten in 1979, will be the focal point of the visit, her trip to Enniskillen is also laden with significance.


Dermot Hayes said...

During the 1919-22 Irish Rebellion, English forces and mercenaries committed heinous atrocities against Irish civilians while the IRA contained themselves to attacking political and military targets for the most part. After the partition of Ireland into the Free State and the northern Six Counties, England bowed to the Unionists and let the Orangemen terrorize northern Catholics which directly led to the "Troubles" circa 1970-99. So Dr. Roy, FUCK YOU AND YOUR QUEEN!!

-Dermot Hayes

Roy Eappen said...

Wow a real IRA terrorist on my blog. Tell it to the Catholics murdered by the ira. Tell it to the 29 murdered in Eniskillen . You obviously didn't pay attention to HM visit to the Southern Republic.

Anonymous said...

You're a fag...every body is better than you.

The Rat said...

He may be a terrorist but the Queen's hands are hardly blood-free. The English have hundreds of years of punitive, discriminatory laws and several of their own massacres to answer for. If there is going to be peace in Ireland it will take both sides giving ground.

Anonymous said...

What’s the difference; Canada has many terrorists living here that were given free citizenship in the name of a liberal social engineering project called “multiculturalism”! The sad thing about it is that our current so called Conservative government is just as guilty as the libs when it comes to maintaining this social engineering experiment!

The khadr family,

The Toronto 18,

The air India incident,

The assassination of Tara Singh Hayer in B.C.

The assassination of Col. Atilla Altıkat in Ottawa,

The bus hijacking in Ottawa by Charles Yacoub,

The bombing of the Cuban consulate in Montréal,

Plus over 30 more incidents! (Don’t believe me? Well learn your Canadian history then)

And over 40 banned terrorists organization the are CURRENTLY operating in Canada raising funds and planning attacks!

Yeah but everyone more fuc*** concerned about what the fuc* is going on in England.

I Support Lord Black