Monday, June 11, 2012

grits, a party of the past?

Sound about right.

TORONTO - The federal Liberals have a major selling job ahead of them if they ever want to win an election again, according to a new poll. The survey – conducted by Ipsos Reid for Global Television and Postmedia – found that 56 per cent of those asked either strongly agree (19 per cent) or somewhat agree (38 per cent) that the Liberals are a party of the past – and not a party of the future. Only 12 per cent of those surveyed strongly disagreed with that sentiment, while 32 per cent somewhat disagreed. Even among Liberal Party supporters, two in 10, or 21 per cent – agreed that their party a party of the past. “The poll shows the amount of work the Liberals have to do in order to get back in the game,” Darrell Bricker, CEO of public affairs at Ipsos Reid told “They've lost a lot of their previous support to the NDP and Tories, and about half of their current supporters prefer a merger with the NDP to fighting another election on their own. All of this together suggests that they are in a very difficult, and potentially terminal situation.”


Anonymous said...

not so much a party of the past, but for a party that is supposed to be "middle of the road" it seems that most of their policies tend to be on the socialist or radical socialist side most of the time

Jen said...

And whereever the liberals are at so are their media.

I got a kick watching Evans Solomon being told by PAT MARTIN that the 'liberals took $56billion from the EI funds' to which Evans remained ABOSOLUTELY QUIET' no back talk from him nor was Pat Martin told that the statement he made is not the issue of the discussion.

But if it was a Conservative to highlight that same statement made by Pat Martin on the EI funds, Evans will be all over the conservatives for bringing a statement that he Evans has no intentions of discussing.

So you see the dilemma here, not even the media can do to the ndp what they love doing to the cpc.

Anonymous said...

Great news! PM Mulcair will be a welcome change to that tit Harper!

I Support Lord Black