Friday, June 22, 2012

A grit agrees supply management needs to go

I am pleased to see even some grits understand that the poor are disadvantaged by supply management. Unfortunately not all grits or even Tories agree.
Thursday was a red-letter day for Canadian policy nerds - bringing us not one, but two research reports on our antiquated agricultural supply-management system. And to no one's surprise, both documents urge substantial reform toward the more free market systems employed by the United States, Australia, New Zealand and other comparable Western nations. Lest anyone presume that the reports originate with fringe laissez-faire purists, think again. The University of Calgary School of Public Policy analysis, "Supply Management: Problems, Politics and Possibilities," was authored by former Liberal leadership candidate Martha Hall Findlay. The other report, "Milking The System," was published by the respectable Macdonald-Laurier Institute (a synopsis appears on this page, under the bylines of Jason Clemens and Brian Lee Crowley).


Jen said...

Then, the question is "why didn'the Liberals deal with this issue 'years ago or, for that matter, bring it up in the HOC?

It amazes that the ndp that are forever screaming that the price of food is high have no troubles supporting 'Supply and Management' that prices its milk eggs and cheese very high.

Jen said...

Remember the CWB, well it stands for CANADIAN WHEAT BOARD

yet Western farmers were held to the CWB when it came to selling their products because it was against the CWB for the farmers to sell their own products even some of the farmers who privately sold their wheat faced jail time.

I didn't know that Canadian wheat farmers resided in Western part of Canada.
I thought that the meaning of:
CANADIAN WHEAT FARMERS' was for ALL wheat farmers across this land thereby follow the same rules -not just one half of the country bide the CWB while the other half doesn't.

Besides the NDP and/or the Coalition plan to replace the CWB.

The liberals had decades to do away with the 'Supply Management' but chose not to deal with it. In other words this is all talk from M.H .Findley.

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