Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Good for Tim Hudak

A bold new policy statement by Tim Hudak. The unions in this country, especially public sector unions need to be challenged and their powers diminished. It is good to hear politicians talk about this. Recently the Toronto Star has been entertaining its readers with a series of stories on how work gets done at the Toronto District School Board: $143 to install a pencil sharpener, $2,900 to install an electrical outlet, that kind of thing. The work is performed by members of the Maintenance and Construction Skilled Trades Council, with whom the TDSB is required to contract for virtually all such projects. But even outside contractors, where they are permitted, must kick in a portion of their wages in "dues" to the Trades Council, much as the TDSB's in-house construction workers must. The Trades Council's president, Jimmy Hazel, is unapologetic. Asked by the Star about the electrical outlet, which took four hours but for which the board was billed 76, Hazel replied, "we don't need to f—ing prove anything to anybody about costs."

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Anonymous said...

The Star missed the real story. It's not about the unions, whose really surprised that they'd overcharge if they can get away with it? The real story is the corruption in the school boards. Look at the work done at the private homes of those in position to award and/or manage those contracts. It's not just in Toronto and it doesn't just involve unions. You see it in Peel as well where private, non-union, companies have exclusive rights to provide certai services.

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