Friday, June 08, 2012

Good for HM PM Harper

Bailing out Europe should be left to the Europeans. French socialist citizen mulcair wants to bail out the Eurpean banks, but I doubt most Canadians are interested in spending tax dollars on such nonsense. The European welfare state has brought Europe to ruin. It is time for Europeans to face the music. Canada is on track to be one of the few G20 nations not offering a specific amount to the International Monetary Fund as it tries to raise at least $430-billion to draw on in case any members need a financial rescue. But Mr. Harper isn’t budging as he carves out an agenda directly opposite to those of the high-debt governments of Europe. He chose Davos earlier this year to announce a long-term economic plan that includes raising the eligibility age for Old Age Security, partly to contrast Canada with the generous but unaffordable entitlement programs that are partly to blame for the trouble in Europe.


Anonymous said...

And yet we have 110 000 000 for Afgahnistan/year for three years?

Anonymous said...

The afghan war is about defending freedom and democracy and womens rights. Just ask the families of the 158 soldiers that died defending the mentioned.

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