Tuesday, June 19, 2012

For Queen and Country

 Yesterday I attended the Diamond Jubilee Gala in Toronto. There I was presented with my Diamond Jubilee Medal by singer and Order of Canada member, Susan Aglukark. It was a glorious evening. More than 600 people received their medals from many members of the Orders of canad and Ontario as well as by His Excellency the Governor General and His Honour The Lieutenant Governor David Onley and Her Honour Ruth Onley( whose office arranged the entire gala). There were speeches and performances MC'ed by Peter Mansbridge who was quite funny and very loyal to the Crown!. There were performances by Gordon lightfoot ( who carried his own mini amp on stage, Molly Johnson, Susan Aglukark, Ben Hepner and many more. It was lovely to hear many expressions of loyalty to the Crown. The Royal Anthem was sung by children and O Canada was done by the famous people players and it was truly wonderful. The audience was filled with people like Tommy Humter, Stomping Tom Connors and many more well known Canadians. Ms AgluKark was lovely. I had a chance to chat with her after my presentation. There was a reception with lovely Canapes and wine, where I was able to chat with several friends and fellow medal winners.
I posted some of the videos they played yesterday. If they post the entire event I will post it. I want to publicly Thank Their Honours David and Ruth Onley for doing this wonderful thing to honor Our Sovereign Lady and her 60 years of Service.

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char said...

Congratulations on your award! It looked like wonderful evening for everyone. I saw Lightfoot the night before in Montreal and the two nights prior to that in Ottawa. He was still quite excited about his Thursday night honour of being inducted into the American Songwriters Hall of Fame. Do you have any video of his performance? Can you tell me what songs he sang? I moderate a Lightfoot discussion board at a website and I know folks would love to see any video you would possibly share. Once again, congrats on your medal! You can e-mail me @ lightfootfan@rogers.com.
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