Friday, June 15, 2012


Another meta analysis showing the absolute importance of fathers in the lives of their children. Perhaps family court judges in Canada should be made aware of this. I dare say it will be an utter shock to many of them. Our divorce and child custody laws need to be rewritten. Third wave feminism needs to be written out of our family courts. Women who make false accusations of sexual and physical abuse against their ex husbands, should be severely punished. Lawyers who use such tactics should be disbarred. Shared parenting should be the norm. Thank goodness for woman like Barbara Kay who don't hate men. She understands the Misandry of the third wave feminists and their allies in the family courts. “In many instances, fathers are as important developmentally as mothers. In some instances, they turn out to be even more important developmentally than mothers. And what we find extraordinary is that, sometimes, a mother’s influence drops out altogether.” Across decades of studies, with a total 10,943 adults and children, perceived paternal acceptance was significantly linked to less hostility; independence; healthy self-esteem; feelings of adequacy; emotional stability and responsiveness; and a positive world view. By contrast, perceived paternal rejection was significantly linked to problems with anger or aggression; lower self-esteem; feelings of inadequacy; emotional instability and unresponsiveness; and a dim world view. “There’s a very consistent worldwide effect of impaired psychologically adjustment wherever kids perceive themselves to be rejected by Mom or Dad. And that effect shows up more significantly for dads than for moms,” says Rohner, professor emeritus of family studies at the University of Connecticut. To wit, a father’s rejection more strongly predicted four classes of child behaviour than a mother’s: behavioural problems, substance abuse, depression and overall maladjustment.


Alain said...

A close friend of mine had this unfortunate experience several years ago when going through a divorce. The wife, now ex-wife, had her legal cost covered by a feminist group and falsely claimed that my friend had molested their daughter. Without further ado the RCMP showed up at his work place and questioned his boss and co-workers along with a full investigation only to find him innocent. It did not matter since his reputation at work had been damaged beyond repair and to add insult to injury it turned out to be the wife who abused the daughter although not sexually. He finally obtained legal care of his daughter with the mother having supervised visiting rights. She never visited and refused to allow the daughter to contact her. My friend had his reputation and his finances ruined by this hateful fraud and the Crown refused to press charges against her as it was not political correct. How many other cases have there been like this? I am certain it was not unique.

Pissedoff said...

My ex in the UK threatened to falsely accuse me of sexual abuse against our daughter if I took her to court to enforce visitation rights. So yes there are many cases of this. In fact back in Jan 2009, I think, Barbara Kay wrote an article about this (no longer available)telling what ex wives get up to and of course are believed.

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