Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This sounds like a great idea. Children should have a relationship with both parents unles there is an exceptional reason. The latest tactic of divorce lawyers is to. Claim sexual abuse. It is time for fathers to retake their rightful place in the family. The sad state of boys in our society is a direct result of the attempts by radical feminists and their allies to denigrate men and especially fathers. Misandry should be rejected!!! I hope HM Canadian Government is watching!!! Let Dad see the kids or lose your passport U.K. plans law to ensure access LONDON Divorced mothers in Britain who refuse to give their former husbands access to their children could be banned from travelling abroad, driving or even leaving their homes in the evening, under plans to be announced Wednesday. The new penalties will be introduced along with changes to the law that will establish a legal right for children to have a “meaningful relationship” with both parents after a marriage breakdown. Ministers will propose different ways to establish the notion of “shared parenting” after separation in law. Judges will be expected, where possible, to ensure fathers are given time with their children. Mothers who defy court orders requiring them to give such access will face a range of penalties, including the removal of passports or driving licences, and even the imposition of home curfews. Ministers believe grandparents should also have access to their grandchildren, but the law will not be changed to ensure this occurs. The government consultation comes amid increasing concern over the rising number of British children growing up without a strong male influence in their lives.


Anonymous said...

You live in a complete fantasy world.

Sean M said...

The intolerant, belligerent, lefty's will never admit it, but a boy or girl brought up without a Father is at a tremendous disadvantage. Children instinctively look to their parents for guidance and stability at different stages of their life, a Father plays a huge role in providing this guidance and stability. There are always going to be numerous times in a childs life that they will require the guidance of a Father, without it, leaves a massive void that can easily lead a child or young adult to become detached, rudderless, cast adrift from the realities of the world resulting in a low self worth. Unfortunately, personal experienced testimonials and scientific facts will never break the ideological grip of the left... they will believe what they are told to believe and are incapable of individual thought or reason.

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