Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

My Dad, Dr C.E. Eappen passed away almost 10 years ago years ago. I still miss him and think of him a lot. I wish all fathers a happy father's day. All sons and daughters should cherish the time they have with their dads. It will be over far too soon. An excellent article by Barbara Kay, on how Dads are disrespected by the courts and our culture.

  Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on Father's Day June 17, 2012 Ottawa, Ontario Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement on the occasion of Father’s Day: “Today, we celebrate fatherhood and pay special tribute to all the men who act as role models, caregivers and mentors. “I know from personal experience that fatherhood bestows enormous joys as well as deep responsibility and commitment. Fathers and father figures alike play a fundamental role in the family instilling in their children a sense of respect, determination and work ethic while at the same time nurturing and protecting their young. “On this occasion, Laureen and I encourage you to honour fathers – past and present. We wish all fathers and families a very special day.”

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