Friday, June 15, 2012


Dan Delmar is a lefty, but he has summarized Quebec's victimhood mentality very well. Watch as the Quebec students march around and use nazi salutes. And now the silly children are getting tattoos and criminal records. I also note that it is many of the students in victimhood studies who are out on the streets. Perhaps if these kids stay out long enough, the positions they have vacated in university can be closed and the University can teach less students who actually want to study. It could save a lot of money. UQAM could be closed entirely. Every perceived slight in Quebec is magnified by 1000. No wonder many in the rest of Canada have had enough.
Dan Delmar: Quebec wallows in its cult of victimhood Dan Delmar, National Post  Jun 14, 2012 – 9:09 AM ET “White Niggers of America:” That’s how author Pierre Vallières famously described the Québécois people in his 1968 book, which the former Quebec Liberation Front (FLQ) terrorist leader wrote from his prison cell. Vallières argued that the struggles of French settlers in British North America were similar to those of pre-segregation era blacks in America, and the lingering effects of English repression were reason enough to issue a call to arms in the late 1960s. FLQ members then kidnapped and murdered Pierre Laporte, who was Quebec’s deputy premier, and sparked a national crisis that ended in martial law. Vallières and the FLQ may be dead, but the notion that Quebecers are an oppressed people lives on. As daily protests against tuition hikes, capitalism and a multitude of other perceived ills continue, and talks government end, the rhetoric among more radical elements is ramping up. Dozens of people demonstrating outside of Monday’s International Economic Forum of the Americas were photographed with their arms outstretched, proudly performing the Nazi salute before Montreal police, who they see as agents of a fascist state.

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