Friday, June 08, 2012

Ending dependance

I think it is shameful that Canada has a group of people who live in third world conditions. We have done to Our Native people what has happened to American blacks in the inner cities. Welfare dependence is evil. It is time to end dependance on social assistance. All jobs bring dignity. Mr. Atleo said First Nations have to be be involved in any new attempts to break the welfare cycle. “Unilateral approaches to assistance and training policies have often failed and resulted in more harm and cost ….. Training opportunities must be targeted and sustainable and driven by the people they’re intended to help,” he said. Conservative-haters across the country will whip themselves into a lather at the suggestion, but the introduction of workfare in Ontario by Mike Harris’ Progressive Conservative government was an example of a program that achieved its policy objective of lowering welfare rolls. Jim Flaherty, the Finance Minister, has inflamed the left by claiming that there is “no bad job.” One of the Toronto Star’s more unglued columnists called him “sadistic.” But the Harris government of which he was part started from the premise that a job is better than no job. Opponents claim workfare boosted the ranks of the working poor – people left welfare to find employment in low earning and insecure jobs. But even they do not dispute that welfare rolls fell by more than half a million people after 1995. The Harris government was indeed fortunate that the introduction of the policy coincided with the end of the recession. Nevertheless, it achieved its policy goal.

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Dollops said...

For God's sake (literally) we don't need to help the Native Indians any more. They've had about all the help any people can endure. Just end all special status and special programs and give them the money, individually and for a reasonable length of time. After that they are simply Canadians responsible for their own keep and culture. It ain't rocket science.

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