Thursday, June 28, 2012

Elizabeth Rex

I just saw Elizabeth Rex by Canadian playwright Timothy Findley at the Segal put on by Table D'hote Theater. The evening started badly I was listening to an argument between aleftie defenduing the student strikes and her much more reasonable companion. Also the person who introduced the play was wearing a red square, guaranteeing I will never give a dollar to this theatre company again. Inspite of this I rather enjoyed the play. The actors were quite good, as were the costumes, music and minimalist scenery. It was an interesting play choice in the Diamond Jubilee Year of Queen Elizabeth the Second. It was quite marvelous to see once again how the first Elizabeth sacrificed her personal happiness for the good of the kingdom. The interplay between Queen Elizabeth, Shakespeare and the actor Lowenscroft was often electric. The playwright explored the roles of the sexes and a lot more. A very interesting and thought provoking piece.

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