Saturday, June 02, 2012

Canada's Right left divide.

It is long been a goal of the Tories ( and dipper and one of my goals) to eliminate the grits. There should be a clear choice on policies and the grits are a party that believe in nothing but power. Rex seems to think that goal is closer than we think. Rex Murphy: Canada’s new two-party system Rex Murphy Jun 2, 2012 – 6:00 AM ET | Last Updated: Jun 1, 2012 4:55 PM ET Chris Wattie/Reuters The irrelevance of the Liberals now is stunning. It is almost unnatural. It was not that long ago that no less a political totem than Jean Chrétien was urging the blending of the great party he once ran, the Liberals, with the now politically ascendant NDP. He was inspired by a sense of alarm: Mr. Chrétien’s pleas came quickly on the heels of the last election, when the Liberals under the grimly uninspired and halting leadership of Michael Ignatieff suffered an historical battering. I remarked at the time that it was actually strange to hear such a battler as Mr. Chrétien so readily seem to concede that the once dread and imperious Liberals were done.


Anonymous said...

You must mean Canada’s “centre/moderate left divide”? Cause we have no “right” in Canada, only Harper’s centered moderates!

Alain said...

I agree with Anonymous in that the Harper government is more centre than right.

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