Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Canada needs to leave the UN

Another moronic un official. I bet they will say that north Korea's "healthcare system" is far better than in the west. So easily fooled these un idiots.

Read this unbelievable article: UN health chief praises N.Korean health system as 'envy' (AFP) – Apr 30, 2010 GENEVA — UN health agency chief Margaret Chan said on Friday after a visit to North Korea that the country's health system would be the envy for most developing countries although it faced "challenges". "Based on what I have seen, I can tell you they have something that most other developing countries would envy," she told journalists, despite reports of renewed famine in parts of the country. "To give you a couple of examples, DPRK has no lack of doctors and nurses, as we see in other developing countries, most of their doctors and nurse have migrated," the director general of the World Health Organisation said. She also highlighted its "very elaborate health infrastructure" extending to a district network of household doctors, she added. Chan visited the closed communist nation Monday through Wednesday at the regime's invitation. She met senior ministers and visited health facilities in the capital Pyongyang, as well as a rural hospital about an hour's drive away.


Don said...

"Chan later accepted that what she saw in Pyongyang "might not be representative of the rest of the country."

Pyongyang is one giant Potemkin village. Nothing seen there can be taken as representative of anywhere else in that country.

robins111 said...

I agree Roy.. way past time to boot this international cesspool to the curb..

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