Saturday, June 09, 2012

Canada needs a Governor Walker

An excellent article by Charles Krauthammer on the victory of Governor Scott walker and the decline of union power. Quebec in particular needs a brave politician to take on the unions. Is that Premier Brad ?? The ultimate significance of Walker’s union reforms has been largely misunderstood. At first, the issue was curtailing outrageous union benefits, far beyond those of the ordinary Wisconsin taxpayer. That became a nonissue when the unions quickly realized that trying to defend the indefensible would render them toxic for the real fight to come. So they made the fight about the “right” to collective bargaining, which the reforms severely curtailed. In a state as historically progressive as Wisconsin — in 1959, it was the first to legalize the government-worker union — they thought they could win as a matter of ideological fealty. But as the recall campaign progressed, the Democrats stopped talking about bargaining rights. It was a losing issue. Walker was able to make the case that years of corrupt union-politician back-scratching had been bankrupting the state. And he had just enough time to demonstrate the beneficial effects of overturning that arrangement: a huge budget deficit closed without raising taxes, significant school-district savings from ending cozy insider health-insurance contracts, and a modest growth in jobs.


robins111 said...

I totally agree Roy, but most of the existing political parties haven't got the nads to do this.. possibly Brad Wall, but I doubt it. A truly Conservative Party in Ontario would make the unions shat a brick.

Anonymous said...

I agree...we desperatley need a Gov Walker. Who could it be? Mcguinty is in bed with the unions, the limp wristed Hudak lacks the necessary male parts and Klees might be worse than what we have now.

L said...

I nominate Brad Wall

I Support Lord Black