Saturday, June 02, 2012

bo's job numbers

Canada created 140000 jobs in the last two months. The Us created 69000 last month. bo is blaming this all on Eyrope. Perhaps he should just look in the mirror. Q&A: Hard times for Obama from economic recovery By CONNIE CASS Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) -- Nothing upsets a president's re-election groove like ugly economic numbers. A spring slowdown in hiring and a rise in the unemployment rate are weighing on President Barack Obama, while enhancing Republican challenger Mitt Romney's argument that the Democratic incumbent is in over his head. Some questions and answers about how Friday's economic news may play in a close presidential race: Q: How bad is this for Obama? A: Pretty awful. Polls show Obama's handling of the economy is his biggest weak spot. People in the United States overwhelmingly rate the economy as their biggest worry, and jobs are what they say matters most.

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