Friday, June 22, 2012

The Amazing Jason Kenney

HM Minister of Citizenship and Immigration is doing an amazing job. His immigration reforms have been long overdue. I once again praise Jason Kenney. The longer Calgary MP Jason Kenney is Immigration minister and the more reforms he makes to Canada’s immigration and refugee laws, the more obvious it becomes how truly lax the rules were under the former Liberal government. Wednesday, Kenney introduced a bill – the Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act – that is so sensible it will probably surprise most Canadians that the new policy isn’t already the law of the land. Kenney moved to close a major loophole that has for years permitted recent immigrants to commit crimes in Canada before they become citizens, but remain here nonetheless.


Jen said...

Yes, Jason is doing a very good job cleaning up the mess left to him and cpc by the liberals to clean up.

Alain said...

He is indeed such a breath of fresh air and is making good headway in cleaning up the Liberal mess. There remains still much to be done, but I am confident he will get the job done.

Anonymous said...

Good post, the carnage wrought by these criminals is significant.
About this time of year 25 years ago 4 young people lost their lives.
I lived in a small northeren town, the 4 young people were rear ended by a man who was on a removal list and appealing.
They 4 burned to death in the car, they were about to graduate.
The "refugee" was drunk, speeding, it was another 12 years before he was removed from Canada.
He also stabbed a man in Vancouver before he was deported.
I worked with two of the dads, I will never forget their pain and loss.
Minister Kenny is doing a great job.
Cheers Bubba

Anonymous said...

The corpulent little dude from Calgary can really throw his weight around. He is an epic failure though. He promised to keep criminals out but Lord Black of England got in Canada.

Anonymous said...

now if only the bureaucrats will enforce the laws and the government invoke the notwithstanding clause if the scoc gets their faces in the way. maybe we can change immigration policy for the better.

I Support Lord Black