Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Werner Patels on the failed Quebec socialist experiment. Quebec - a failed socialist experiment BY WERNER PATELS 22 May 2012 Student protesters vandalize a statue of Queen Victoria during the March 22nd monster protest rally. Being married to a pure laine Quebecker, I’m deeply disgusted by recent events in Quebec, as is my wife, who has loathed her home province, a socialist/communist utopia, for most of her adult life. What started out as demonstrations against a negligible hike of the lowest tuition fees anywhere in North America has escalated into large-scale and widespread criminality and terrorism.   Some have said that these riots and the accompanying lawlessness are almost worse than what transpired in the province back in 1970. While no provincial politician has been killed (yet), we have seen the work of criminals and terrorists of the far and radical left, such as the smoke bombs that paralyzed Montreal’s transit system, as well as Molotov cocktails.   None of this has anything to do with a tuition fee hike that amounts to peanuts. Instead, the radical left has taken over, indulging in their usual nonsense such as anti-Semitism: one of the students’ unions, CLASSE, made a boycott of Israel its primary demand, with the support of Québec Solidaire, a pro-Islamist, hard-left party.   Police and the government stood idly by as a group of masked terrorists stormed classrooms at Montréal’s UQAM in search of “scab” students attending classes and physically assaulted women in the process. That was the wrong message to send, as things have escalated even further since then.   The new emergency law passed by Jean Charest’s government to deal with the violence has come too late in the game. After months of appeasing these criminals and terrorists, and even negotiating with them, the genie can’t be put back in the bottle.   Quebec, unfortunately, seems to have a disproportionate share of radicalized left-wingers who aren’t afraid of committing crimes and causing tremendous violence. But that doesn’t surprise me: the media are mostly on the far left of the spectrum. The schools, colleges and universities do not educate, but brainwash students - just look at how many socialist/communist teachers and professors have been standing up for the violent protesters and actually egging them on.   La belle province may have the status of a “distinct society” and “nation” within Canada, but it’s also Canada’s “failed society”. Rare are the voices that call for self-reliance and taking responsibility for one’s own actions.   For that reason alone, Canada should abolish its equalization system and stop redistributing wealth around the country. Tuition fees in Quebec would skyrocket immediately, giving those protesters a dose of reality about the modest hike proposed by Premier Charest.   It’s not surprising, therefore, that one national newspaper, the National Post, has been forced by its readers into a discussion about whether Quebec should be kicked out of Canada or not.   While the rest of Canada has its share of criminal and violent leftists, no other part or region has such a high concentration as Quebec. What is more, when those in Quebec decide to become violent, they don’t take any prisoners, as we saw, and remember, from back in October 1970.   The rest of Canada has become predominantly small-c conservative in its thinking, as several polls have shown over the last year or two, with a clear of majority of Canadians saying that they would reinstate the death penalty for particularly heinous killers. Quebec as it stands today is highly incompatible with the country’s political and social fabric.   Instead of waiting around for the separatists to form the next provincial government, which they most likely will, and launch yet another referendum on independence (with yet another ambiguous referendum question), it might be the right time to cut Quebec off and send it on its way. It may take a while, but probably no more than ten years or so, before they fall to their knees and beg Ottawa to take them back.   Letting Quebec run its socialist and utopian experiment without any financial assistance from Canada for a decade would instil that much-needed sense of reality that the province today so badly lacks.   In other words, Canada is a grown-up, while Quebec is still a pimple-faced, hormonal teenager who needs to be taught (about) discipline. The views expressed in this opinion piece are the author's own and do not necessarily represent those of The Prince Arthur Herald. Want to respond to this article? Send a letter to the Editor (letters@princearthurherald.com).

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