Thursday, May 03, 2012

Welcome Back Lord Black

Hell has frozen over. I agree with Margaret Atwood. Margaret Atwood is delighted that Conrad Black is coming back to Canada. “He has a lot to say and contribute,” she e-mailed from New York on Wednesday. But she thinks the Harper government may not be delighted. Lord Black, she notes, “is now a very informed and outspoken commentator on prison reform, and does not think the government’s expensive mega-jails plan will work.” Believe it or not, Ms. Atwood and Lord Black have become BFF. When Payback, her book on debt, came out in 2008, he gave it a favourable review from his jail cell. She likes his book too. “Conrad Black’s A Matter of Principle is a fascinating, erudite, & defiant prison memoir – must-read for lawyers, politicos, & gossips alike!” she tweeted after it came out last fall. Lord Black even made a guest appearance in the new documentary based on her book. At the premiere, she declared that he is “a new and different kind of Conrad.”


Alain said...

Even a broken clock (Atwood) is right twice a day.

Anonymous said...

shouldn't that be broken old crock?

Anonymous said...

Let us have e ticker tape parade for him and declare a national holiday.Never in my wildest dreams did I think that an event of this magnitude would happen in my lifetime

I Support Lord Black