Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Taxing the "rich" and Quebec's entitlement culture

Don Macpherson has a great article on who pays taxes to keep the broken socialist Quebec model limping along. Apparently only half of Quebeckers pay income tax. So half of Quebec's population doesn't care if taxes go up and they keep demanding more. This culture of entitlement is fully expressed in the student riots protesting an exceedingly modest tuition hike. Fortunately not all students have this entitkement mindset. Unfortunately many do. I hope the Charest government doesn't back down. I am curious why more of the marauding student thugs are not arrested. There have been injunctions against the strike and they are not enforced. The rule of law is breaking down. The pq and Quebec Solidaire agree with the students, they are even more socialist and communist than the Quebec liberals. One wonders when the credit downgrades are coming for Quebec.


Jen said...

where is the voice for the hard working people who are forced to pay 'union dues' or else they don't work. Where are the voices for these people whose dues are being used to pay for riots violence polical parties etc.

Innocent people who have no choice you got that-no choice but have to pay dues for riots should take to streets themselves to stop their dues from being used on violence.

Without those dues, the big union bosses are completely useless.

Private non unionized businesses paychecks to their employees after taxes goes to the employees. No union dues is involved or taken from the employees.

One day Dr. Roys busineeses that are not unionized nor intend to be will leave canada. When that happens leaving thousands of people out of jobs then you will see GREECE LIKE right here in Canada.

Jen said...

Canada is very lucky to be in a position we are in but it looks as though it is not appreciated what so ever. The only way canada will ever know how good they had is to lose it completely and when that happens no one I mean no non unioned business will be left all gone...the wealth gone and who is going to pay the price for this overturn? are the innocent souls who only wanted a job to feed their families and live in the beauty of canada.

Who or what is going to pay for the daily rioting violence after businesses are gone from here. THE MEDIA?, THE UNION BOSSES? WHO? DR. ROY.
The clock is ticking.

Remeber the NDP are going to 'shut' down the oilsands where thousands of canadians from coast to coast to coast work at.
All manufacturing companies from across canada that have contracts to build equipments, special trucks etc will all shut down leaving also thousands of people out of work.

RIOTS VIOLENCE you haven't see the worse of it when all those jobs are shut down by NDP.

The media better start changing their tune at the way they throw their support behind the NDP and start supporting the country canada by heralding her and the amazing job she has done during the recession as well the PM who and his finance minister managed to keep our country afloat.

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