Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A Strong Stable Tory Majority: One Year Later

It has been one year since the Tories won a majority. Many on the left including the dippers, the grits and their msm cheerleaders seem unable to accept that. The same pseudo scandals accusations continue. The msm and opposition revel in polls that mean nothing more than 3 years before an election. There are many things my Tory friends are doing wrong. The messaging from the government is often not very good. The PMO does need to loosen its iron grip. There should be more free votes in the parliament. HM Ministers should have less central direction. I wish the budget had cut more. I am still waiting for full scale personal tax reform. Canadians need to pay less tax. Government needs to be smaller. We need to rid Canada of all marketing boards. Union hegemony needs to taken on,especially in the public sector. We need to pick better judges. Indeed we must be more careful with all appointments. That will be a long lasting legacy go a Tory government. By the way, as someone who goes to London every year I must say I don't find Bev Oda's £8 orange or $700 hotel room all that outrageous. I have personally spent more than that for both items. The media should deal with big items not silly small ones. London is a very very expensive city(by the way I like the Meridien Picadilly Circus and the W Leicester Square, both are in the middles of the West End Theater District). Tory cabinet ministers hav all been cutting expenses. HM Minster Oda needs to learn to better manage the message. Bold cuts to CIda and reworking that orogram will get the other silliness soon forgotten. I hardly expect A Minister of the Crown whether Tory, Grit or otherwise to stay at a Motel 6. In General it has been a good year. The gun registry gone, section 13 will be gone, the wheat board is gone, multiple free trade agreements are being opened, immigration issues are being dealt with and lots more. So I congratulate the Tory party but they must know that we the base expect more and will tell them so!


Anonymous said...

By the way, as someone who goes to London every year I must say I don't find Bev Oda's £8 orange or $700 hotel room all that outrageous. I hav personally spent more than that for both items

Good for you, pompous ass. Perhaps you'd like to pay Oda's hotel bill next time she's in London?

You're clearly overpaid, judging by your spelling.

Dollops said...

I reluctantly agree with the first comment. Either change your thinking or don't expose it to us who count our pennies.

Anonymous said...

Yeah lovely! We still got the same old liberal policies from the Martin and Chretien days such as gay marriage, abortion and publicly funded selective abortion, massive immigration from Islamic nations that want to kill Jews and Christians, immigration policies that cost tens of billions a year, political correctness to appease any vocal minority to the point where we have lost our freedom of speech, kangaroo quasi courts such as the human rights commission, affirmative action being fully implemented, Quebec a nation within a nation, we have no property or self defence rights, convicted criminals in prisons receiving full extended health care and many privileges, prisoners having the right to vote, Harper refusing to help Israel in the fight against Iran, the Khadr family issue (wait until he receives millions in compensation for suffering civil rights violations), still the same old soft on crime hug a thug policies (don’t give me the stupid bill c-10 thing it’s a liberal joke just read it!)

As for the economy…… can thank Alberta who keeps Canada afloat to support the socialist Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes!

CanadianSense said...

You have a knack to bring out the loony left.

The Liberal media are not happy with results on May 2. They will continue to lose credibility and turn off non partisans.

Many of us agree we would like bigger, faster changes but this is not the pattern of this government. Slow and steady with an eye to the long game.

My blogpost shortly after the election nailed the next year. (in my opinion)

bertie said...

So 1,2 & 3 agree with you then.What sweethearts eh!Maybe we should give Bev Oda food vouchers next time.Until everyone is living in the leftie cesspool like them,we will continue to get idiotic remarks from the anonymous cowards.I think Bev should just order the champagne next time & really get these idiots squeeling.Their ilk is rioting in the streets of Quebec.Wanting free education on how to sip wine and eat poutine.Sick people all.

Anonymous said...
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