Friday, May 11, 2012

Rex on the divisive dippers

mulcair seems intent on losing the few seats the dippers have in the west , so he keep his Quebec seats. Rex understands.


maryT said...

With 30 new seats, mostly in the west, that will mainly go to the CPC, what if those few NDPQ votes out here also go to the CPC. Mulcair can't be PM with just seats in Quebec.

climatecriminal said...

Tommy boy has to placate the eco-freaks in his party, so his idiotic comments shouldn't really surprise anyone. The real story is that Mulclair and his rabid marxist acolytes continue to use and live with the benefits of fossil fuels while mouthing inane talking points against them straight from the Gore/Suzuki handbook

bertie said...

Perhaps taking away taxi and bus and car privileges from the green or Ndp members who spout off about the oil sands and use of oil may teach them a lesson.Fine them any time you see them on a plane,a bus,taxi,car etc.Perhaps a lesson in greenness is all they need.And perhaps don,t allow them use of hydro & shut off their water..That,s all for now Mulcliar,,will keep you informed about the Alberta oil sands Tommy boy.

Patsplace said...

I was going to say that he was an idiot, but then I realized he was a dipper, The Chief Kahuna Dipper at that.

Does that make him an Idiot on Steroids?

Jen said...

Since Mulclair says our oilsands has 'DUTCH DISEASE' he can dam well tell the fed and provincial government that 'one dime from the equalization that comes from the DUTCH DISEASE oilsands is not not acceptable in Quebec.
Not one single dime is to go to Quebec.

Mulclair can always call upon the Union, CBC, CTV even France to feed his 'have not province.

Thank you mulclair, more money for us out here.

Sean M said...

It didn't take long for the head commie to plant the old brand of divisive politics practiced so well by Trudope, Chretin, Dion etc... call it Quebec disease. Interesting that the Red Queen in Alberta had nothing to say... I guess she's busy planning the sell out of Alberta to keep Quebec rolling in equalization. The Red Queens silence speaks volumes.

dizzy said...

// mulcair seems intent on losing the few seats the dippers have in the west , so he keep his Quebec seats. Rex understands //
The panel before him did a much better job. The main interpretation there is that Mulcair is playing smart strategy.
Note that only the prairies are really offended; BC is as pissed as the east about Alberta's plans.
And Mulcair has only ONE seat on the prairies. [& I think he'll keep that one]
So his plans include more seats in BC & Ontario as well as Quebec.

As for "30 new seats, mostly in the west, that will mainly go to the CPC", only the first third of that is correct.
18 of the new seats are in Ontario & Quebec. 12 are in the West & 6 of those are in B.C. [see above]
[Brad Wall's province gets NO new seats, perhaps an indication that they were previously over represented]

Anonymous said...

Well this story cannot be true.

Mulcair is a leftist, uhm I mean Progressive. And all Progressive's are inclusive in nature.

Love is better than hate don't ya know.

Joseph said...

Don't expect this message to get much milage in the east coast oil and gas industry.
The carbon tax plays well until the fact that anything that touches the oil and gas market is taxed more....which is anything you need to eat, clothe, house, heat, travel, work, at that point the suggestion that the polluters will pay loses all credibility.
Mucliar should have googled "green shift" before he stepped in it....but then he is a silver spoon socialist/separatist.

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