Saturday, May 26, 2012

Munk Debate :Europe

So it was another very interesting and entertaining Munk debate. I felt The Affirmative side of Ferguson and Joffe  were the winners. That was not what the vote showed. I hope you watched the debate last night. I though mandelson and cohn-bendit were clownish. They seemed to say that the eu had something to do with peace in Europe. Peace in Europe is guaranteed by NATO. the left also seemed to take credit for the fall of communism. Reagan, Thatcher and Pope John Paull II were far more responsible for that.
Rudyard Griffith had a hard time controlling the quarrelling Europeans. cohn-benoit is a 1968 student radical and mandelson was Tony Blair's spin doctor. Neither of these endeared them to me. Niall Ferguson's final statement mentioned the elephant in the Western World, uncontrolled immigration and multiculturalism.  If you want to see the debate now you need to be a premium member. Being a premium member also lets you access tickets earlier.

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Exurban said...

Munk certainly found two core lefties for the EU side of that debate (BTW, the name is Cohn-Bendit). Joffe and Ferguson certainly are a high-quality pair of speakers for the other side. Wish I could have been there with you. While the debate probably concerned itself with the big picture on Europe, it strikes me that lately most of the news about Europe is financial and it's all bad. Since the introduction of the Eurozone (the currency, that is) has it not been one crisis after another? And isn't this finally getting through to a lot of people?

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