Tuesday, May 15, 2012

mob rule in Quebec

An excellent editorial from the Prince Arthur Herald. The situation in Quebec is increasingly dire. Quebec is Canad's Greece. Yesterday, Line Beauchamp, Québec’s education minister, resigned from her post and quit public life, thus confirming what everyone already knew; the Charest government has neither the courage to stick to its guns on its proposed tuition increases, nor the apparently boundless flexibility needed to cut an acceptable deal with the leaders of the Québec’s student “strike.”


Sean M said...

The marxist tribal chickens come home to roost. At one time Quebec french talkers thought it a good idea for a very few to partake in a revolution to overthrow the British, English speaking history and traditions of Quebec and Canada. They did this through murder, terrorism and intimidation of everyone not belonging to the tribe. This odious behaviour was not only rewarded, it was celebrated. Then came the re-writing of history and ethnic cleansing, English language restrictions and bans, while tribal revolutionaries infiltrated the federal scene and imposed franco language specialties while distorting English speaking institutions beyond recognition. These acts were not only rewarded they were also celebrated. Now the isolated, entitled, indoctrinated mobs are doing it again and they are being rewarded, and soon, they will be celebrated... This kind of cultural marxism and terrorism was not only predictable, it was inevitable.

Anonymous said...

The invasion of classrooms at the U. of Quebec is truly the last straw. This has been like negotiating with the Indians. Nobody truly in charge for negotiations to stick, fearful governments and the general public paying the bill as ever.

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