Sunday, May 06, 2012

Keystone Pipeline

So bo gets another chance to do right thing. Odds are he won't. American workers should no that bo is not interested in job creation. He is interested in please his the greenies. The Us needs a big change. bo must go. Obama to get do-over on Keystone pipeline By Stephen Dinan-The Washington Times Friday, May 4, 2012 The Canadian company seeking to build the massive Canada-to-Texas Keystone XL pipeline through the U.S. reapplied for a permit on Friday, pushing the politically sensitive issue back onto President Obama’s plate six months before the election. TransCanada announced it has asked for permits to build the pipeline into Nebraska, and will eventually submit a new route skirting environmentally sensitive lands in Nebraska — the sticking point that caused the Obama administration to reject its previous application. In a statement, TransCanada President Russ Girling made it clear he was appealing to Mr. Obama’s own stated goals of boosting American energy supplies. He also said the thousands of pages of environmental reviews already completed for the earlier application should convince the president to speed this new permit along.

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Jen said...

Obama is not interested in 'job creation.'
Now where do I get the impression that neither do the NDPQ.
These two parties imo are working very closely with each that it fits like a glove.

Nathan Cullen, Megan Leslie and others some liberals included want to shut down the oilsands and the pipelines. Nathan Cullen made a vowed on this during his recent campaign.
North America under one socialist totalitarian government either Obama or ndpq-ndpq/lib coalition.
Either way, is seen as clear as a bell.
Forget the media they are part of it.

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