Saturday, May 26, 2012


Anthony Watts 

Marc Morano Ezra and Lord Monckton

Linda and Joe Bast

MEP Roger Helmer

I attended ICCC7  in Chicago. It was an amazing 3 days and we even had paid protesters.

It was great seeing friends I have made from the previous 6 conferences.  There were many scientists who spoke on  climate and other related issues. Unfortunately none of the warmists, though invited, attended. They other side doesn't want to debate.

We spoke a lot about energy, which is the underlying issue in all this.

We heard many tales of how scientists that want to talk about the sceptic side are not funded, fired and silenced in other ways.The peer review system is failing.Science is being co opted by a political agenda. Thank goodness for the Heartland Institute. Here are some of the speakers.

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J Bowers said...

"Unfortunately none of the warmists, though invited, attended."

Dr. Mark Boslough asked to join in to give a presentation, but was flatly refused by Jim Lakely. Whose side doesn't want to debate?