Sunday, May 27, 2012

grit identity

The grits only identity was to do or say anything to get power. A party that believes in nothing. A party without principle. If their next leader is bob are, they will disappear. Liberals struggle with identity By Mark Dunn, QMI Agency OTTAWA - A spate of recent polls suggest Liberal pallbearers should send their mourning suits to the drycleaner. Liberals will tell you polls are like the tides - they come and they go; the only real poll is the ballot box. But the big worry for the struggling Grits is whether the sinking numbers begin to stick, and the one-time "natural governing party" finds itself permanently displaced by the New Democrats and fighting for survival. Calling for the resignation of the prime minister and for an expensive Royal Commission to look into jet procurement is not the way to win attention and bold headlines. It sounds foolish and desperate.

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Dollops said...

Liberals, unfortunately, are forever. They are the carney people, the card sharks, the lawyers, the stock promoters, the buy-your-way-into-heaven ministries, the bullies and the bleaters, - everyone else, to them, is a mark who deserves whatever fate liberalism inflicts upon them. The Liberal Party has never been anything more than the least odious of the organisations liberals gravitate toward, and if it should pass into history another will immediately take its place. We conservatives must fight to ensure that it is not The Conservative Party Of Canada that fills the void.

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