Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ezra on the Quebec rioters

An excellent piece by Ezra on the breakdown of the rule of law in Quebec. What’s going on in Quebec cannot be called protests. The right word is riots. That’s what you call it when masked vandals smash cars, break windows in banks and shops, night after night. And that’s on top of the smoke bombs thrown in the subway stations earlier this month that paralyzed the city’s transit system. How is this any different from the Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver? It is different, of course. It’s worse. Vancouver’s riot was spontaneous. They weren’t backed up with official NGOs and union organizers and bank accounts and spokesmen and press releases. The Montreal riots are a criminal industry. But blame also apportions to the people whose duty it is to stop riots — but who haven’t. The police, who too often stood by idly because they didn’t want the rough work of a confrontation. Even when peaceful students got a court injunction demanding they be allowed to attend class, the cops refused to enforce the injunction and clear protesters blockading school doorways.


Anonymous said...

It is regrettable that such a brilliant mind as Ezra Levant often uses such inflammatory language to make generally valid points.

• Yes, it's true, the Charest government should have acted sooner, stating clearly that students boycotting classes would lose their session unless they returned to class within a specified deadline.
The government should also have warned professors, instructors and other college & university personnel that they would be docked their salary if they joined the students' strike.

But to call the government & Charest "cowards" & "appeasers" because they wavered in how to handle the conflict does little to advance Levant's argument.

• Another example of Levant's inflammatory language is his blanket condemnation of the police's work. He alleges that "they didn’t want the rough work of a confrontation."
I suppose Mr. Levant is unaware of the constant campaign against the police, even from a prominent anglo local radio station and a conservative libertarian like him. Whenever a police operation goes awry -- according to media coverage -- practically everyone cries "police brutality" and/or "racial profiling". The same would have happened and is actually happening every time the police intervenes to make arrests or to disperse crowds that will not listen to warnings.

The reality is that our governments, at all levels, and all public order institutions have to tread more lightly than in the past, given the angry and volatile climate we currently live in. Any police intervention is immediately portrayed as extreme by the media, serving only to inflame the general public's outrage.

Rather than avoiding the "hard work of confrontation" the police has generally been exercising caution, which does not equal appeasement, IMO.

I come back to Ezra Levant's brilliance. Condemning the actions of the government and the police is easy; offering some realistic solutions is more difficult. Maybe all of us armchair critics should ponder that.
-- Gabby in QC

Alain said...

Gabby, you made your point about not liking Ezra's style or choice of words, but he did offer a solution which you did not. There is really no middle road to follow. Either start applying the law equally and fairly, or kiss any pretense of a civilised society based on the rule of law good-bye and welcome societal chaos.

Patsplace said...

All it takes for Evil to flourish, is for good men to do nothing. To stand by while violence, intimidation and vandalism is either being planned or carried out, it to allow Evil to flourish. The only thing that stop those intent on violence and intimidation is fear of repercussions....nothing else will do.

Anonymous said...

This has gone past rioting. It is an open rebellion aimed at overthrowing a democratically elected government.

Anonymous said...

"Either start applying the law equally and fairly ..."

With all due respect ... that is not a specific solution to this particular situation, albeit the obvious general guideline.
-- Gabby in QC

Anonymous said...

The rioters are essentially criminals hiding behind the right to protest. This is absurd that these rioters get away with this night after night.

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