Sunday, May 13, 2012

California Deficit $16 billion

Which is the same for the much less populous Ontario under mcliar. Both California and Ontario run by leftists, but brown seems to be taking the deficit more seriously.

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Anonymous said...

That State has the same "refugee" welfare crisis we have , but, they had about 85 Hospitals file for bankrupcy because or mexican illegals that used 9-1-1 to get to the ER and pay for their child-birth and stick the Hospitals with the bill which was very legal.
But in Ontario we have McLiar embracing more and more Bogus refugees form the USA ( 15'000 mexicans in one year alone) and around the world as he tell them our Health care is FREE and they get FREE welfare and housing too.

Canadians and our Vets don't get that same care as Refugess thanks to 40 years of Liberalism, and Ontario has slid into a welfare province now part of the Welfare Industrial Complex and Public Union Complex to run a Pyramid scheme funded by taxes.
At about $25 million a day to finace the massive debt by McLiars 8 years of spending, how the hell can he start to pay off the debt when he just promised to over-spend until 2017 and have a $60 million a day cost to service the debt alone by then.
Toronto needs $1'200'000.00 a day for its $4 billion left by Miller's NDP spending binge, wait until the Leftists run it up to 8 billion with no hope to stop spending even more money.
Everyone in Ontario will work for the State as Alberta bails-out McLiar and Dwight DumbCan.

I Support Lord Black