Sunday, May 13, 2012

The anti trudeau

I like this article. It is my dream to undo the damage that trudeau and his ilk have done. I despised trudeau and virtually everything he did. I want the Tories to undo what the trudeaupian nightmare. It seems every Canadian political columnist passed judgment on the one-year anniversary of Harper’s majority government. But, oddly enough, the punditry on the man and his vision were all over the map. To some he is an authoritarian with a bully club in his right hand, but to others just a hard-nosed PM maintaining party unity. To some he’s a principled radical and to others a moderate populist. I have a different take. If you want to understand Stephen Harper, think Pierre Trudeau. It’s hard to believe that Harper was once a Liberal campaign volunteer, but, somewhere in the early 1980s, Harper embraced a political mission to undo the damage that Trudeau inflicted on the country and to destroy the Liberal party in the process. Of course, Brian Mulroney and Jean Chr├ętien got first crack, repudiating almost every Trudeau economic policy from unemployment insurance, runaway spending, hyper inflation, economic nationalism, and obscene levels of debt.


Anonymous said...

Just what you said my friend! Trudeau's leagacy is debt, an entitlement attitude the charter of wrongs, and last but not least Justin another wrecker-in-waiting JMO
Cheers Bubba

Sean M said...

Great post... Trudeau was without a doubt the most twisted, warped, perverse man to ever hold office in this country... a revolutionary tribal dips##t that may have damaged this country beyond repair. Please sign the petition to end one of the most poisonous pieces of imposed bigotry ever conceived, Pierre's forced french act, the OLA...

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