Friday, May 11, 2012

58200 jobs created in April in Canada!

The Canadian economy is creating lots of new jobs. Unemployment went up to 7.3% because people are returning to the work force. bo must be very jealous. OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper says job growth over the past two months shows that his government's economic stewardship is working. Canada booked its best two-month jobs gain in three decades with news today that the economy churned out 58,200 new jobs in April. Manitoba economy sheds 1,800 jobs Canadians found work in most regions of the country, many in the high-paying manufacturing, construction and resource industries. Since the start of March, 140,500 jobs were created — the best two-month employment performance the country has seen since 1981.


Anonymous said...

But ... but ... but it was Paul Martin and jean Chretien who caused this. And anyway the unemployment rate went up. Clearly the unemployment rate is the only important measure that any thinking person should consider.


Anonymous said...

Unemployment is up. Harper will fix this with more senate appointments and patronage.

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