Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wild Rose victory good for Alberta and Canada

An excellent article by my friend Michael Taube. He understands the dynamics of conservative politics better than Chantal Hebert. This will revitalize the Tory base across Canada! In 1971, Peter Lougheed’s PCs beat Harry Strom’s Social Credit party, ending a 36-year political dynasty in Alberta. On April 23, political lightning may strike twice in the province, with Danielle Smith’s Wildrose party bringing an end to the 41-year-rule of Premier Alison Redford’s PCs. If Wildrose wins — and it seems likely, with a healthy 10 to 14 point lead over the PCs in most polls and Smith’s strong performance this week in the leaders’ debate — it would be good news for conservatives, Albertans, and Canadians. Smith’s libertarian instincts, right-of-centre policy proposals, and support for more individual rights and freedoms make an excellent political tonic. It would revitalize Alberta’s conservative base, and bring an end to the PC dynasty that has looked weak under the past two premiers, Ed Stelmach and Redford. It would also hopefully produce a successful provincial government that the federal Tories would notice, study, and perhaps emulate. Less than three years ago, Wildrose was a respectable yet minor player in Alberta politics. Many observers liked the party’s populist and conservative positions, but couldn’t see how a third party could smash down the powerful PC monolith. Then along came Danielle Smith.


fernstalbert said...

I pinched my nose and closed my one good eye when I voted PC in the last election - would have voted Wildrose - but my riding did not have a candidate. This year, Wildrose all the way!!! The AB PC's morphed into a combination of Liberals/NDP - kinda like an Ontario version of big government - with bags of money directed to favoured unions. Time for the ash heap of history. Cheers.

Jen said...

Albertans have David R. to highlight the comings and goings at the provincial gov. Dave does not pussy foot with any mp here.

Dannielle Smith will be given a chance to govern however, Dannielle knows very well that she and her party will be scrutinized for many months and years to comes.

Dalton, who walks away with the media blessings to ruin and create a have-not deep in debt (triple digits)billions of dollars.

There is no David R. type in Ontario to put Dalton's feet to fire when being questioned. He does says as he I said, 'with the media's blessings.

maryT said...

Allison should have gone after the liberal leadership instead of the PC one. At least the teachers would still vote for her.
Her downfall should be a lesson to all the other lib/ndp who have tried to infiltrate the PC party, you will be outed.
To all the PC candidates going down to defeat next week, you should have thought of Albertans instead of your own pockets and left the caucus to sit as independants when our ndp/lib premier showed her true colors. By staying you sent the message, you agree with her.

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